The Kelter Center and ArborBridge

As you may have heard, after nearly 40 years of service to the Los Angeles community, the Kelter Center has closed its doors. While the Center’s physical office will no longer be accessible, we want to inform you of exciting changes that will allow ArborBridge to continue Kelter’s legacy.

Since its inception, the Kelter Center has been a thought leader in the field of special education and learning differences (LDs). Multiple generations of teachers, tutors, and educational therapists have benefited from training at the Kelter Center, learning the diverse programs and neuroscience that inform the Center’s robust curriculum. To date, Kelter’s unique brand of instruction has transformed the lives of hundreds of struggling students, helping them become competent readers, writers, and mathematicians.

After consulting with the Kelter’s Center’s founder, Sasha Borenstein, we have decided to integrate Kelter’s most successful programs into our own framework of academic mentorship. Although ArborBridge has a rich history of supporting students with LDs, we believe that our approach will be greatly enhanced by the research and methods pioneered by the Kelter Center.

Moving Forward

If you would like to learn more about this transition, or, if you’d like to start a new program with ArborBridge, please reach out to our primary education specialist, Tim Benson: tim.benson@arborbridge; 818.724.4333.

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