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Targeted Skill Assessment

Every ArborBridge test prep program begins with a diagnostic exam. This full-length, official exam is administered and monitored by an online proctor, who fields questions and prompts the student to proceed through each section. With test conditions closely mimicking those of an official sitting, the results of the diagnostic exam serve as a starting point from which to design a customized curriculum and set ambitious yet achievable goals for an individual student’s prep program.

Analysis and Customization

A student’s completed diagnostic exam is broken down question-by-question to determine weak content areas and strategies. From there, a unique curriculum is generated for that particular student, prioritizing lessons in terms of both content gaps and the number of hours the student will dedicate to preparation. In this way, students receive the most effective, need-targeted lessons possible.


  • 207 math content areas dissected to target weak points
  • 45 core grammar concepts introduced and analyzed
  • 600+ vocabulary words evaluated in context to gauge critical reading success
  • Numerous essay formats presented to develop versatile, compelling composition skills
  • Limitless curricular variations tailored to each unique student

A Revolutionized Curriculum

A student’s customized program is built using individual lessons from our comprehensive, skills-based curriculum. Our ever expanding cache of lectures, homework, quizzes, and practice sections is engineered to teach students the reasoning skills necessary to ace the SAT or ACT. While other test prep programs tend to focus on a variety of tricks and strategies, our skill-based approach is designed to elucidate and teach the fundamental mental processes required by standardized tests, ensuring that students leave our program better prepared for the answering all question types they may encounter on the exams.

World Class Tutors

Admitting only 2% of applicants to our team, we have set a new standard in tutor recruitment and training. Above all else, ArborBridge tutors love teaching, are devoted to their clients, and thrive on the excitement of working with students around the world. Meet our Tutors.

Expert Guidance

Our directors are absolute experts on the college admissions tests and help to enhance each student’s program. By reviewing lesson notes, tracking progress, and supporting tutors, our directors strengthen each program with their combined years of experience. Meet the Team.

Progress Assurance

Tutoring programs are constantly monitored by the ArborBridge team to ensure that every student stays on track to achieving his or her goals. Each student program is “mapped” to include periodic practice tests, which serve not only as informative progress checks, but also as constructive exercises for official exam day situations. Program directors are in regular communication with families about a student’s progress and address any concerns quickly and communally.

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