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ArborBridge may be located 12,000 miles away from some students and their schools, but that doesn’t mean that we are distant.  We work closely with college counselors all over the world to provide their students with the best opportunities for successful admission to a US college.

While we have deep knowledge of the US college admissions process, we do not offer college counseling ourselves. Instead, we prefer to focus on our specialty—guiding students to higher grades and standardized test scores. Our ability to serve students anywhere in the US and abroad makes ArborBridge an ideal solution for college counselors who want to give their students access to America’s best tutors.

Lastly, we believe that collaboration with counselors yields the best results for students. Counselors who partner with us are informed of  their students’ progress and, therefore, can give their students more astute guidance based on expected test scores.

ArborBridge collaborates with college counselors in several key ways:


Many students come to us on the recommendation of their counselors. That’s because counselors know that ArborBridge offers reliable, effective preparation that enables counselors to focus on the work that they do best. Referrals give students peace of mind, because they know their counselors approve of ArborBridge’s approach and effectiveness, and that they can trust us completely.

Campus Visits and Presentations

Many counselors get to know ArborBridge through in-person meetings on campus and, often, presentations to students. ArborBridge representatives make every effort to get to know counselors and their schools’ curricula and student bodies so that ArborBridge tutors can, in turn, serve students as well as possible.


Before students begin their course of study with ArborBridge, we discuss their goals at length. This includes which college admissions tests they’re taking, what their testing schedule will be, and what their target score increases will be. We are committed to helping students set ambitious but attainable goals. By conferring with counselors, we can ensure that these goals are appropriate, and we ask counselors to help us gain insight into students’ potential. As well, we want to ensure that our recommendations are in line with the program that counselors have set out for their students.

Periodic Updates

As students progress through ArborBridge’s programs, we like to keep counselors informed. If students are on track, counselors will get emails saying so, and we’ll report student scores on practice exams. More importantly, if students struggle, we’ll immediately contact counselors to enlist their support and help us address the root cause of the difficulties.

In-School Classes

Though ArborBridge works primarily online, all of our tutors are experienced in-person tutors. ArborBridge can craft short-term, in-school workshops for counselors who want to make test preparation an integral part of their curriculum.

Group Diagnostic Exams

ArborBridge can administer practice SAT or ACT exams to entire groups of students at a school and then share the analysis with counselors and students. This program is designed to give counselors insight into students’ preparedness for exams and gives students valuable practice and feedback that they can use as they study for the real exams.

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