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The Ideal SAT Timeline for International Students

Students who take the SAT need to master subjects like algebra, grammar, and vocabulary. But the most challenging part of the SAT, especially for international students, often involves logistics. The process of preparing for and taking the SAT or ACT spans anywhere between nine and eighteen months. Students need time to find out universities’ testing requirements, […]
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It’s Not Just Science: The Subtle Differences Between SAT and ACT

For some students, choosing between the SAT and ACT is like choosing between doing the dishes and taking out the garbage. Both exams are fraught with challenges and pressures that make them anything but fun. Ideally, though, students should view standardized testing as an opportunity. A disappointing grade in 9th grade chemistry class isn’t going […]
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The New SAT: ArborBridge Responds to Upcoming Changes

Yesterday’s announcement from the College Board about impending changes to the SAT exam set the college admission world abuzz. University admissions officers, college counselors, students, and parents are both excited and anxious about these changes. We at ArborBridge are 100 percent excited and 0 percent anxious. We want our students to feel the same way. ArborBridge has […]
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ArborBridge Supports Expat Writers with Sponsorship of TCK Anthology

With tens of thousands of American expatriate children living overseas and countless more with multiple passports, an international childhood is becoming ever more common. So-called “Third-Culture Kids” are a significant demographic cohort in international schools and in American colleges. Yet, stories of their upbringing often go untold. We are pleased to announce that ArborBridge will […]
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